End of Summer

With the end of summer here we tend to look back at the joy of the summer and struggle to accept the return to the routine of our life. The excitement of vacations and freedom fade into the sounds of work and school. How do we look to follow Christ in the joy of summer and in the return to routine and busyness? I believe it comes down to priorities. The reality is whatever our priorities are in our busy times we are less likely to strengthen our priorities when it comes to summer and things slowing down. In fact, if you’re like me the opposite happens and we get a whole lot more lax. No longer do we have meals together at the table, no longer do we get up early and the same unfortunately holds true for our relationship with God. And just as our priorities get lax in summer we are that much more likely to not pick them up again when things get busy. So the challenge is to make sure that as we move back into the rat race of our existence let us make sure Christ is our first priority before any thing else jumps onto our schedule.

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