The Church

Why are so many people, pastors included, asking questions about the church? Is there something wrong? Is there something we don’t know going on within Christ’s body? The realty is in many parts of Canada and the USA that churches are in decline. Instead of seeing the number of people growing, many churches are seeing their numbers grow smaller. Why is this,  is what many of those asking questions about the church are trying to figure out? Unfortunately, it also seems that those that are asking the questions are coming up with many different answers and solutions. So what do we do if we find our church has or is declining? Good question? Perhaps not! Perhaps this question shows us where our thinking has gone wrong. We have become so much about building our church numerically that we have completely missed what God has called us to, make disciples! If there is any question we need to deal with it is the question of what it means to make disciples and how do we begin to do that? Many who do not attend church say that the biggest problem with the church is hypocrisy, if this is true and I think it is more than we would like to admit, than it goes back to the fact that somehow we have missed making deep and abiding disciples of Christ not just church attenders. We need to figure the discipleship thing out and adjust or we’ll find that many of our churches will remain ineffective and perhaps disappear from existence.

Pastor Curtis Klassen

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